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Eva Love · (765)603-9869 · Indiana Escort

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I set a high standard to be very professional, clean & friendly. I don't use drugs & rarely drink if I'm not at home.. Don't get that confused with being prudish... very far from it. I'm a deep, unique & creative woman who carries a warm & playful disposition with an inherent skill to put anyone at ease. I'm an experience in myself, one that will never leave you. I have an array of hobbies & interests varying from gardening & holistic medicine to hiking & searching for the secrets to life. I'm intelligent & curious. My favorite pastime is delving into the relations that can only be shared between a man & a woman. I find all aspects in that area rather thrilling & intriguing. I strive for creating a warm & inviting atmosphere where I can share a trip with you to see the world how I see & feel it... Sensual, romantic, a treasure chest of pleasures... Also available for Nuru massage for those looking for a truly one of a kind experience!

I'm looking forward to meeting you & sharing some unforgettable times together!

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