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Stimulating and feeding the senses...

Do you appreciate the art of seduction? A well planned foray of the senses? Conversation that is engaged and stimulating? Play that results in a high from endorphins, forcing the days stress to surrender and retreat?

Are you looking for an unconventional relationship? A secret sanctuary that allows you to explore your deepest desires, without adding any extra obligation or stress? A willing playmate with the skills to lead, follow, and inspire?

Discerning men, women and couples, I humbly offer myself as a conduit for your self-exploration and expression.

Please see my site for full details about me and my service.

Serving the Great Lakes region and beyond, by advance appointment only (48 hours minimum notice please). Because I prefer to remain more exclusive, I am able to honor the needs of most serious inquiries no matter what city you are located in.

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