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Becki Labine · (317)782-5146 · Indiana Escort

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Meeting me is like the first hot drink on a cool autumn day - I surprise you a little, coil warmth low in your stomach and surround you in comfort that leaves you craving more.

Ideally you’ll share my enjoyment of honest emotional connections, preferably with a penchant for forming lasting relationships that allow us to grow and explore new things together. I love nothing more than an relaxed meal together - low conversation and playful banter in a quiet corner - followed by snuggling up and watching the world roll by for a while, so why not slip away with me?

Though I’m fond of my lazy afternoons I’m equally enthusiastic about instigating all sorts of adventures - from running away for a day on roller coasters to taking a quiet evening to wander a park or museum, often acting as docent - and I would love to engage with others who are equally invested in expanding their horizons in order to make memories worth keeping.

If we’re on the same page then I would encourage you to reach out so that we can see just how delightful we can be together. Haven’t you waited long enough to indulge in a little something that’s just for you?

- Becki

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